Market Update – 26th May 2020


Last week, most global equity markets had a positive week despite it being like a a rollercoaster at times with often a positive day followed by a negative one.  This is because the week started strongly as results of a promising early trial for a vaccine against coronavirus boosted investors.  Whilst US biotechnology company, Moderna’s, success is still at an early stage, it raised the probability that the virus can be vaccinated against.

However, the on-going US-China tensions […]

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Market Update – 25th May 2020


Market Update: Rally pauses as markets weigh up latest virus developments

LAST WEEKS – KEY Takeaways

Markets: Uncertainty weighs on shares

  • Global shares fell at the start of the week after new coronavirus cases were reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan (where the virus originated) and the South Korean capital of Seoul;
  • The markets also had to contend with rising tensions between the US and China, as President Trump continued to blame […]
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Karrek Chartered Financial Planners – Other Services


We wanted to keep in touch with you to let you know about some of the products and services that we offer advice on at Karrek Chartered Financial Planners. We understand that times are very different at the moment but we can still help assist you with your financial goals and needs.

It is in times like these that the importance of sound financial advice is most apparent so here are some of the areas of […]

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Market Update – 7th May 2020


Last week was a tale of two halves for global equity markets.  After a strong first part to the week which saw the FTSE 100 index break through the 6,000 barrier for the first time in eight weeks, most global equity markets fell back sharply on Thursday and Friday as a result of weak economic data, Royal Dutch Shell announcing their first cut in the dividend since World War Two and Donald Trump restarting the trade war rhetoric with […]

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1st May 2020 – Further Gains for Global Stock Markets


A fortnight ago we noted that, in spite of continuing lockdown measures and a raft of dire economic data, global stock markets had made a welcome – if partial – recovery from their late-March lows. Happily, this recovery has since continued almost uninterrupted. Having suffered a fall of historic scale and speed, the US stock market (as measured by the Russell 1000 index) ended April down ‘only’ 10% for the year to date. Remarkably, had […]

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Week to 17 April 2020 – market update


As you would expect when trying to manage through a global pandemic like coronavirus, there are a lot of positive and negative reports that create volatility in global equity markets and last week was no exception.  After sharp falls were experienced earlier in the week following a report by the International Monetary Fund on the global economic impact, markets rallied at the end of the week on a report that a COVID-19 treatment showed promise and some […]

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The new tax year 2020/21 – a quick guide


The 2020/21 tax year started at the stroke of midnight between the 5th and 6th of April.  While many individuals leave tax planning to the end of the tax year, you can look to maximise the benefits by using your personal tax allowances* and reliefs straight away.  Please get in touch to take advantage of one or more of the following:

Income Tax

  • The tax free personal allowance remains unchanged at £12,500.
  • Basic rate tax of 20% will be payable on income […]
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How Will My Future Finances Be Affected After Coronavirus?



We wanted to keep you informed in light of recent volatility in the world stock markets, mainly due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our recommendation is not to panic and to sit tight. Your investment has been set up for the longer term. Market volatility is unnerving and differing opinions on what the future holds, confuses matters more. But it’s important that you understand that volatility is part and parcel of […]

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Coronavirus and PruFund Investments


Given the current market conditions Prudential confirmed on Friday 27th March 2020 that they are applying downward Unit Price Adjustments (UPAs) to some more of their PruFund funds due to the current extraordinary market conditions as follows:

PruFund Investment Plan, PruFund Investment Plan Mark 2 & Mark 3

I know that many of you have experienced downward UPAs before. However, for those that haven’t, it is worth noting that this is how the product/fund […]

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